Has Customer Service Crumbled with the Economy?

Payson By | March 24th, 2022|Categories: bad credit loans no guarantor|

Has Customer Service Crumbled with the Economy? It seems to me that businesses today would be focused on customer service since that is one of the few things that doesn’t cost them anything…. but apparently that’s just my philosophy. Now, I don’t mean to imply that there are not companies who have always provided great customer service and still do or companies that have improved their customer service to preserve their business but there is an overwhelming number not practicing. But if asked, those same individuals will tell you that their reputation and customer service or leadership ability is important to them and to their companies In June, I received an order of product that had July expiration dates (this product normally expires 6-8 months from purchase). When the sales representative called the company about the product, he was informed there were no returns, the product wasn’t outdated and they shipped oldest out first. Period. This is a multi-level marketing company and the sales representative has since stopped selling the products but I was amazed that a NEW company had no more concern about expired products, the consumers they lost or the sales person they lost. […]