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Essay: Intercourse and you can Dying: The new Training out-of Cernunnos Originally, while the put forth by Gerald Gardner, Wicca are a faith away from sex and you may dying and therefore he is the best choice of patron Cernunnos try an enigmatic and you may a bit elusive deity. It can be tough to know Your, and that i yourself found it tough to affect him to start with. The reason why are two fold. To start with there clearly was very little surviving lore regarding your. At the best you will find a reputation and an effective smattering out-of images across the Europe that may otherwise may not be related. Secondly and you can similarly, I find you to about not one person talks about him on the net or elsewhere otherwise applies their unique expertise in your. Therefore I needed to help you dedicate that it essay so you can explaining personal focus on him and several skills I have arrived at down seriously to that work. Please note this really is entirely personal UPG, and should be used therefore. A tight punish, created away from love, however, stinging none the less Cernunnos try an effective deity whoever earliest characteristics will likely be summarized in two terms and conditions: Sex and Dying. People knows him just like the Horned Jesus away from Wicca. And additionally a principle common by some of the twenty-first century devotees off Vanir (a group off Gods once more associated with sex and you may dying) takes into account Your to be an intense ancestral progenitor towards Vanir tribe, and you will proof His newest and bloodstream is seen during the certain such Gods. The beginning of existence from conception toward stop of it (and everything in anywhere between). These are the effective pushes which can be made reveal contained in this Goodness. My personal event which have him possess instructed myself that it, and just have changed myself in manners (and you may continue doing so). Before everything else even in the event I’m a difficult polytheist, coping with Cernunnos has actually softened me up around the sides an excellent part. […]